Perfect High 2015

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A teenager named Amanda is obsessed with dance. She dislocates her knee during a school pep rally dance performance. She is rushed to a hospital where she is given the drug hydrocodone for pain. Upon returning to school, she is later approached by Riley, who asks her to share one of her pills with her. Amanda is suspicious, but gives her one anyway.

Later that week, Amanda starts dancing again, which makes Alexis a little jealous. While Amanda is waiting outside the school, Riley introduces Amanda to her boyfriend, Nate, and her brother, Carson. Amanda ends up hanging out with the group. Although Amanda is hesitant at first, they convince her to share her prescription meds with them.

Amanda ends up injuring her knee again and is given a renewed prescription of hydrocodone. Amanda is upset when she sees Carson and Bridget together at school again. She begins spending more time with Riley who persuades her to go for Carson. Amanda spends one day with Riley, Nate and Carson while watching movies and begins to grow a connection with Carson. While at an old lady's garage sale, they go into her house to use the bathroom and steal some oxycodone from her room and run out. While under the influence of the drugs, Carson and Amanda kiss and begin to spend more time together all the while Amanda's tolerance for the hydrocodone grows as she is shown taking the pills often. Unfortunately after her prescription runs out, she begins to feel sluggish and vomits due to withdrawal.

Sweet suburban teen Amanda is introduced by her new friends to prescription drug-sharing, but the recreational fun soon leads her to a life-altering heroin addiction.

Released: 2015-07-05

Runtime: 88 minutes

Genre: Drama

Stars: Bella Thorne, Israel Broussard, Daniela Bobadilla, Ross Butler, Matreya Fedor

Director: Kim Roberts, Vanessa Parise, Mahlon Todd Williams, Justin R. Durban, Anne-Marie Hess